What is .LT?

The desire to compete and feel adrenaline like on the battlefield without compromising health lies in each of us. Therefore, the fun of shooting in both computer games and “live” have, for years, enjoyed great popularity. Our mission is to unite these two worlds.

Paintball, airsoft, laser paintball … and what next?

Laser tag and paintball are sports that have a lot in common, but come from completely different backgrounds. Color markers were originally intended to mark cattle and have become favourite gadgets for big boys in a military spirit. On the other hand, the idea of ​​a laser tag, popularly known as laser paintball, was created in the US Army as part of the training for troops. Nowadays, it has become more and more popular entertainment, which gives a lot of emotion and at the same time bypasses the limitations of classic paintball or airsoft – last beam replaced projectiles so we do not have to wear special masks, we do not have bruises, and “weapons” are very authentic. What is the next step? In the era of technology development, it is important not only to acquire points and flags, but also to conquer the virtual world using new generation laser tag equipment. This is our job!

.LT potential!

• Laser tag is the form of entertainment more recognizable in the world as laser paintball. We add a lot of new possibilities to it, thanks to technologies that no player can resist.
• esports in conjunction with real world – fulfilling the dreams of many shooters!
• Hardware – New technologies have enabled us to create special equipment that makes gaming an extremely attractive form of recreation
• A camera that helps to track our movements to other users
• Wireless sensors, easy to set up on any armour
• accurate weapon replicas, bringing a lot of realism into the game
• Additional tools eg. a microcomputer, a smartwatch with mini map


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    .LT provides benefits of esports in the real world! Shooter games can be watched in real-time by users around the world. With innovative solutions you keep your player profile, gather experience, take part in games, improve character, contribute to the community! The .LT mission is to create a one-of-a-kind solution that lets you transform your game from an online into a real-world game!
  • MEDIA .LT 
    To schedule a presentation of the company, an interview or equipment testing, please contact by email at office@lasertag.lt
    or by phone at +48 500 099 699

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  • ARENA .LT 
    There are laser tag locations around the world where players can pursue their missions or play with their friends. Soon the market will see a revolutionary new product - .LT.